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Default Click Source doesn't synch to tempo changes (FIXED)

Creating a click source and having tempo changes does not work well.

The click source's rate changes(due to that weirdness of changing the tempo across on item). I'm thinking the click source stays in the original project tempo or first tempo change but doesn't change across tempo changes.

I had to slice up the click source for each tempo change.

The reason why this should be fixed: 1. It's a subtle bug or non-standard behavior that could get people in trouble(recording thinking the click is matching the tempo changes but it doesn't). 2. It requires slicing the click and potentially having to manage all the splits as one piece(can't just change the level of one item, have to select them all then change).
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Ah yeah, it doesn't change the rate when editing the tempo map, just when moving across tempo changes. Fixing!
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I know this might be a bit much to ask or I might be a bit misguided, but when one has a tempo change and they "drag" it "across" an item(time wise, the tempo changed occurred after the end of the item then was moved to overlap the item), the item's rate will change.

e.g., item ends after 10 seconds, one has a tempo change at 11 seconds and moves it to 8 seconds. The item's rate changes depending on the tempo difference.

The problem with this is that it screws with the item's before the tempo change. Now the item doesn't sync up before the change because the rate was applied to the whole item, which affects everything before the tempo change.

I imagine this would be hard to fix but if one could "virtually split" the item or add a special type of stretch marker that keeps everything proper on the item at the tempo change then life would be dandy!

Basically the split or stretch marker keeps the item sync'ed before the tempo change and allows the "rate" to change afterwards to sync up with the new change.

While this would work(as it can be done manually), it would require the split or marker to stay in sync with the tempo change so the item doesn't become sushi as one moves the tempo change around. e.g., if we first moved it to 8 seconds, a split is created, then to 6 seconds another split is created, etc... (Each item would need a list associated with splits/stretch markers that were created internally to deal with this problem)

In any case, Just a suggestion. I'm sure you've already implemented something to deal with this problem and I haven't found out where the setting is

Another little issue I have is that when copy and pasting items(to create a long "loop"). If the item ends slightly off a grid line and one has snap on, then sometimes the cursor will snap to the end of the item rather than the grid. When pasting, this creates an offset, and subsequent pastings usually accumulate the error, eventually everything is off and one is scratching their heads and it's all because the cursor snapped to the end of the item rather than the grid.

The solution, If snapping is on and the cursor is within a small distance of a grid line, then it should snap to that rather than the item end(prefer the grid over the item in snap mode and prefer the item in non-snap mode).

Just little things, but I find that they creep up here and there and usually cause a significant waste of time trying to figure out what went wrong.


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