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Default Export MIDI and tempo map from Reaper?

I need to export some tracks from Reaper so that PT and Logic folks can work on them. I can consolidate & export the audio from Reaper with no problems.... but how do I export the MIDI tracks and tempo map?!?

any help would be greatly appreciated! thanks in advance

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MIDI export: In the MIDI editor, go to 'File'->'Export to new MIDI file'. It does this per item, so for the whole track you will have to glue them all together first.

Tempo Map: Sorry, no idea.
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thanks -- this seems to work to export individual MIDI events (or whole tracks if I consolidate the events) but does not export any tempo/meter changes.

Does anybody out there know how to export MIDI tempo + meter changes?
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I use MIDI Ox for this (http://www.midiox.com). Send all the MIDI data from REAPER to MIDI OX (via MIDI Yoke or some other virtual MIDI cable). MIDI Ox has an option to log the incoming MIDI to a file.

I haven't used this in a while, so I can't remember if it supports type 1 and type 0 MIDI file formats (multiple tracks versus a single track), but it fit my need for exporting all of the MIDI events and temp data into a single file.
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When you go File-> Export Project MIDI you should get the option to Embed tempo map. Worked for me!
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Welcome Schlagzeuger and gulnare.

gulnare has it right, export a MIDI file with the tempo map from the file menu to get the MIDI and tempo map across.

You need to have at least 1 MIDI note in the project, otherwise Reaper fails to write the file, so in case you want to only get the tempo map transferable, you need to insert a MIDI item with at least one note (a cc event is not enough either).
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Default Midi exported file not lining up in new session

please help!!!!

I have an album full of sessions. Each session has one midi track. I've exported the files of each session to clean everything up and have every track start at zero.

My issue is that if I import exported tracks into a new session, all the tracks start at zero and line up correctly except the midi file. The midi file starts at zero but silence is added to the start pushing the midi track off line by a few measures. Any ideas?

Also, the exported tracks will eventually be opened in pro tools for mixing.

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... being answered in your separate thread:
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