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Default Notation: "Nudge length/position display offset" actions fails (FIXED)

The MIDI editor actions "Nudge length/position display offset right/left", which are used to tweak the notation display of notes, fail if the note crosses the bar line.

(Or, to put it more technically, the notation display's interpretation of disp_len, and probably also disp_pos, fails if the note crosses the bar line.)

This bug was discovered in the Notation Pre-Release thread, so I am simply copying hamish's post here:

Originally Posted by hamish View Post
While the script works well, I'm not getting 100% success, and it may be that I've uncovered a REAPER bug, or hole in the logic for display offset. (More accurately this is a problem with disp_len)

Here are screenshots of the notes in the various editors, to show what's happening. You can see that the notes that have not been shown as eighths are not the shortest or the furthest from the grid, but they are notes that are in the previous bar by their absolute timing. The script has done it's work, but for some reason the Notation editor is not rendering them as desired.

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Fixed for the next build, thanks for the report.
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