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Default Action to Hide muted media items from arrangment

I currently have a custom action that freezes midi items to audio, while keeping the original midi file (locked and muted) in the arrangement.

The advantage: I still have the midi data available, which is useful when programming the midi of other tracks. However, the arrangement becomes convoluted when working like this.

IMHO, it's the perfect way to freeze. Alleviating ram and CPU while also retaining original programmed midi as a reference while working on other midi parts.

If there was some way to hide the unused items from the arrangement, without removing them or using other additional tracks would be a very beneficial.

The actions could be something like "Hide muted media items for selected tracks", "Show muted media items for selected tracks", "Toggle hide/show muted media items for selected tracks".

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Really good idea.
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I am in !
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i like/

got me hunting for a way to do it -
(*of course a native action as described OP is preferable* )

no magic answer, best i could come up with was a custom action to move any muted items on the selected track to a (new) folder track of the original track and setting that track to 'compact' view so taking up a few pixels height. also hiding it from MCP.

seems to work ok.
will list here if anybody is vaguely curious: requires Sws extension installed...

sws: unselect all items on selected tracks
sws: select muted items on selected tracks
item navigation: move cursor to start of items
edit: cut items
track: insert new track
sws/aw: paste
xenakios/sws: select previous tracks, keeping current selection
xenakios/sws: set selected tracks as folder (note: this particular one works with a track already in a folder)
mixer: show/hide children of selected tracks
sws: set selected folder(s) collapsed


would only need an unmute of items to hear them as original.

have to do it per track
may go odd if run it twice on same track, tho can just drag any newly muted items down onto the compacted child track to hide more muted items.
maybe our super scripter types can do all this v easily anyway and such hackery can be ignored.

i always end up with many muted items so the quick show hide that Ozman requested would be far better, but this can do a job for me to quickly tidy up messy projects

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Default Freeze and retain MIDI source

This is what I've been using for a while now.
It works well, but it becomes kinda crowded.
I could definitely use an action to hide the muted items.

It seems the gif is too large to upload here or at the stash spot, so I'm hosting it here: http://i.makeagif.com/media/8-25-2016/WMzkZU.gif

And here is the freezing Action:
Transport: Go to start of project
Item: Select all items in track
Edit: Copy iems
Track: Freeze to stereo (render pre-fader, save/remove items and online FX)
Item: Select all items in track
Item properties: Unlock
Track: Set first selected track as last touched track
Item navigation: Move cursor to start of items
Track properties: Set free item positioning
Item: Paste items/tracks
Item: Remove FX for iem take
Item properties: Mute
Locking: Set full item locking mode
Item properties: Lock
Item: Select all items in tracks
Item: Auto-reposition items in free item positioning mode

And the Unfreezing:
Track: Unfreeze tracks(restore previously saved items and FX)
Track properties: Unset free item positioning


I hope that this action is made.
Either that, or there must be some LUA or EEL script that must be made to either hide the muted items or temporarily put them in a hidden track.

I know HeDa once said that he uses hidden tracks for his Track Versions feature of the Track Inspector.

Idunno. But I really love having my original MIDI available as reference after freezing.

Much thanks to all who can assist.

- Ozman
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Thank you Ozman. This idea to freeze while maintaining a reference of the MIDI items in the track and be able to show and hide it when needed withoit having to unfeeze is cool. It may be better if it works within the same track instead of using a version. I can implement it in the freeze panel of Track Inspector. It would be like another script inside Track Inspector. I'll think about it this weekend.
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Much thanx, Heda.

Such a capability in Reaper would be very beneficial in ways that I believe you understand.

The problem though, is I could only do so much with actions. I can't the source items (MIDI) from the arrangment during the frozen state. This, I guess, would have to be scripted or utilizing or extra Reaper features (which could hide the midi items), which, to my knowledge, does not yet exist.

Anyway, I appreciate your consideration.
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