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Default Mapping Panel: link FX parameters with formulas, autolearn them

The mpl Mapping Panel is a LUA script for REAPER.

  • 16 macro controls for any accesible plugin parameters in current active project
  • 8 maps of macro controls
  • linking map to track or fx
  • change map with MIDICC/OSC binded actions;
  • realtime modulation beetween macro controls, also through different maps;
  • unlimited number of modulation links,
  • formula per modulation link
  • support feedback routing
  • support for executable lua code as formula
  • advanced formula functions (mouse xy, manual draw curve, lfo, cycle)
  • FixedLearn engine - allow learn/unlearn MIDI/OSC controller automatically depending on current map
  • dockable GUI without any external graphics
  • configuration stored automatically into project file

Because of API limitations you CAN use it as parameter modulation but only for online render. A way to use it with offline render is putting envelopes in touch mode, record automation while playing and close Mapping Panel before rendering.

GitHub, also accessible via ReaPack extension
Requiments: REAPER 5.1, SWS 2.8.1

Short "in action" video

SoundCloud | MPL Scripts discussion | ReaPack | Donate

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