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Default Select CC events in CC-Lane problem (FIXED)

I'm not sure when this started, I just noticed in the latest official release 5.24/x64 and it's not in 5.18/x64.

Right drag to select CC events is very strange and can make it difficult to edit controllers. It seems to be zoom related, if I zoom out further it seems to work okay. It messed me up 3 or 4 times, so I decided to try figure out what's going on.

Originally Posted by juliansader View Post
Is there a bug report for your gif above? (So that we can take the discussion to another thread. BTW, I think the problem has more to do with the size of the notes area, not of the CC lanes.)
Julian hints that it might be due to the size of the note area, however, in the 2nd gif I had the note area scrunched down to as little as it would go.

The first gif is Reaper 5.24/x64 and the 2nd is 5.18/x64. You can see in the 2nd that the lariat selection goes above into the upper lane, but it is not at all line the firs gif.


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Well, I'm finding out it's not so relevant to the version of Reaper. In fact I can't get it to consistently happen every time in any of the Reaper versions.

I can actually get it to happen without too much trouble, but there's nothing consistent with the way it happens.

I don't know, maybe if someone else can make it happen, and make some sense out of it, but I think I've exhausted all my ideas.
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