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Default Python - Control a Blackstar amp w/ MIDI or command line

Not Reaper-specific, but does allow Reaper to control a Blackstar amp which is why I wrote it:


"Talk to the amp. You have to talk to it, Doolittle. Teach it PHENOMENOLOGY."

Darkstar is a command-line program that uses Outsider's blackstarid.py to control an amp with MIDI CC, Program Change, and the command line.

Outsider by Jonathan Underwood.

Darkstar includes instructions on getting Outsider to run on Windows. Darkstar is only tested on Windows 7 and ID:Core 40 Stereo so far.

Possible uses: use three sliders on a MIDI controller to provide 3-band EQ control, send a --volume 0 to the annoying guitarist's amp, switch the preset in time with a backing track, generally have a better time with your Blackstar!
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