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Default Instrument definition file (.ins) parser bugs (FIXED)


I would like to report 2 bugs that affect both bank/program select dialog and ReaControlMIDI VST so I think it's a general parser error.

1. The parser completely ignores the BankSelMethod directive in the Instrument Definitions sections. More precisely it always assumes BankSelMethod=0 so treats Bank numbers as MSB+LSB addresses.
However there are 4 possible (0-3) BankSelMethod values and each represents a different bank addressing scheme. I have not met all of them but
BankSelMethod=1 (GS style MSB only addressing) occurs frequently.
The modes:
0 Normal - bank select MSB and LSB matter
1 Only the MSB is used and defined
2 Only the LSB is used and defined
3 Only program changes are used and defined


2. Ins files resembles windows ini files and in ini files the official comment sign is ';' and not '#'. So in ins files e.g. [Roland GS Var #1] is a completely valid section name. In spite of this Reaper's parser ignores everyting after the '#' sign.

Although AFAIK no official documnetation is available you can test in Cakewalk products.

I have attached a test ins file that can reproduce both bugs in Reaper.
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File Type: zip Roland_MS-SoftSynth_GS.zip (2.0 KB, 43 views)
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Improving this, thanks!
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Welcome to the Reaper forums! I think you are in the running for the honorary description of the month award!
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