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Default MIDI either exporting or importing tempo maps incorrectly

I'm sending some bass guitar MIDI to the mixing engineer and I embedded the tempo. To ensure that it will import correctly for him, I imported the MIDI into a fresh Reaper session. The time signature was incorrect in one spot and subsequently, all of the following tempo changes landed on the wrong bars. Even after fixing the time signature, the following tempo changes were on the wrong bars. I've tried a few different times with the same outcome.

I've attached two .rpp files. Both labeled appropriately as well as a screenshot of my Export Project MIDI settings. You can see that the screw in the "bass imported incorrectly" rpp starts at bar 1006 where it should have a time signature of 6/6 but instead imported as 6/4. The following tempo changes are screwed after that bar as well.

Hopefully someone can help!

It would sure help in cases like this to be able to export a tempo map .txt file to send to the mixing engineer who is working in Cubase. That way he could go over and fix any tempos that don't jive.

Thanks in advance!

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This bug is still alive in v5.70.

MIDI tempo import/export is not yet entirely reliable.
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The issue is that an x/6 time signature cannot be expressed at all in MIDI.

FF 58 04 nn dd cc bb
Time Signature
nn	Time signature, numerator
dd	Time signature, denominator expressed as a power of 2. 
eg a denominator of 4 is expressed as dd=2
cc	MIDI Clocks per metronome tick
bb	Number of 1/32 notes per 24 MIDI clocks (8 is standard)
In other words, MIDI time signature events can only express x/2, x/4, x/8, x/16, etc. 6/6 would have to be expressed like this:

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Thanks for the explanation!

Would it be possible for REAPER to show a warning message when it encounters this or any other invalid (un-exportable) MIDI?
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