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Default Notation editor - bug assigning notes to staff (FIXED)

I have a track with the clef set to treble + bass. I have midi on the track with two channels, representing right and left hands for a piano arrangement. I want to use the filter to select each channel in turn, and run the actions 'set staff to first of pair' and 'second of pair' to move the RH midi to the treble staff and the LH midi to the bass staff.

The first hand (doesn't matter which) goes as expected, but then I 'select all' the next channel and repeat the process for the other staff, and this causes the bug - when I clear the filter, I see that the first channel that had been dealt with has not stayed in the staff to which it was assigned.

Instead, Reaper appears to be assigning the notes to the staves according to whether the note is above or below middle C, which is the default behaviour, but in this case Reaper is undoing whichever assignment had come before the one being made at that moment.

So to be clear, the hidden channel is the one being incorrectly reassigned. The visible channel is assigned as expected.
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Confirmed in v5.40, and the bug is not limited to staff assignment:

If ANY notation action, whether ornament, articulation, voice assignment etc, is applied while the channel filter is active, notation info is removed from notes in the non-visible channels.
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Sorry to have overlooked this bug report! Fixing, thanks.
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