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Default Better Action List search...

I think it could be a worthwhile improvement to NOT allow search to 'autocomplete' words in certain cases...
If I'm looking for something related to snapping to the grid, I don't want to have tons of unrelated actions show-up that are about snapshots for example.

As it is now, searching 'snap' will bring up everything that has that word in it like 'snapshot'. That can be fine in certain cases but in others, like described above, not so!

So, would it be possible to have something like what's available in most Ctrl+F searches available in WIndows Explorer, Chrome, etc..., i.e. when no space is left after the word, it would find all related words and when you put a space after, it would search for ONLY that word.
So for example, searching 'snap' would yield 'snapshot' but searching 'snap ' would yield only 'snap '.

This could even be extended to prefixes, so a space or not before the word as well (I haven't thought that one through, but maybe that one is not such a good idea?).
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Put quotes around the word: "snap".
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Originally Posted by cfillion View Post
Put quotes around the word: "snap".
I second that!

Say, you're about to search for:

You can type:
start up
— and still get the right result.

And if the search engine would start to mind a space — well, no more 'startup' for users who type 'start up'. (And who knows how about those typing "-".)
This 'spaced' search algorithm seems kinda less 'clever', less 'understanding'.
I vote for quotes.
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I know the OP was probably unaware of being able to use quotation marks, so just to clarify, this is meant in good humor:

I love how many feature requests on this board end up being things that Reaper already does and were just hard to find.
I'm no longer using Reaper or working on scripts for it. Sorry. :(
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Yup, the OP is happy! I really was just looking for the solution, don't care at all how it's implemented so if quotes does the job, then quotes it is!

Lokasenna...I totally agree! Reaper shines once again ;-)

I don't think this would be bad etiquette if me, the OP, highjacked my own thread...I posted a few days ago but it never got an answer depsite the 50+ views. Would you be so kind as to just try this and tell me if it works for you or not or if I'm maybe doing something wrong? It really will only take you less than a minute:

Thanks in advance!
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