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Default Automation wrongly changes when redoing a "Move FX" action (FIXED)

REAPER Version:

1- Open an empty project
2- Add a track
3- Add two random plugins to that track (e.g. ReaEQ and ReaComp)
4- Go to "Track Envelopes/Automation" and choose any parameter on the first plugin in the chain (Draw some random automation)
5- Repeat step 4 for the second plugin in the chain but this time leave the automation as default
6- Go to the "Track FX" window and change the order of the plugins in the chain
7- Undo
8- Redo

Automation parameter doesn't change depending on the order of the plugins in the chain.

What happens instead:
Automation parameter changes to the wrong plugin.

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Even changes the original values.


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Thanks, fixing!
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