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Default Perfect Drums plugin- mapping question

I just purchased Perfect Drums. I love the sound, but I'm having trouble with mapping.

I've used Superior Drummer for quite some time, so all of my grooves are mapped to Superior. Perfect Drums does have a Superior mapping template, but when I load it, many of the notes don't match up. So, I end up getting (for example) a crash where there should be an open hi-hat, or (in most cases) nothing at all.

So I am posting here in hopes that someone knows a quick-and-easy fix to this, because manually re-mapping everything is going to be a huge pain.

I should also mention that I am not an expert user. I know enough to plug in and record, but I am not doing track-bouncing, AUX sends, or any of that other fancy stuff. So be gentle.
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(a) let the Perfect Drums dev know that the Superior Drummer mapping does not work
(b) use a MIDI Mapper plug-in in front of Perfect Drums and define you own mapping template (and save it as a preset). Try Code FN42's Note Mapper

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Thanks for the quick reply. I'll give it a shot! Cheers!
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Any luck with this?

I've got a midi drum track from a session drummer that loads up fine in Addictive, Superior Drummer and EZ no problem.

PD is missing a lot of hits, no matter which map I load.
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I was able to get it working with the program DarkStar linked. Have NoteMapper loaded before PD Player. As an example using a Cymbal 2 Crash, the Toontrack MIDI has it set to C#2. Find C#2 within NoteMapper, and set the category named "2-Note" to E0, which PD Player uses as Crash Left. Playing the midi then triggers the cymbal.

Setting C#2 to Crash Left within the PD Player mapping doesn't work, so NoteMapper is necessary in my experience.
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