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Default MIDI Export Bug (FIXED)

I have found a reproducible bug in the MIDI Export where midi items will become out of sync.

Here's the steps to reproduce the bug:

1) Create a Session with a project start time other other Make it something like

2) Create a couple of midi tracks and write in some midi notes at bar 1 and bar 10

3) Insert a tempo marker at bar 1 of 90bpm. Then insert a tempo marker at bar 9 of 120bpm.

4) Export the midi and re-import it back in the session. Your midi will be out of sync with your session. The resulting import should import the tempo markers correctly but the midi that was at bar 10 will now be out of sync and land around bar 9 beat 4.

The bug is that when the session start time is anything other than hour 0, the midi part then grabs the first tempo marker and time stretchest the midi to match that first tempo marker, regardless of what tempo change happens after.

This is a major problem when working in Film and Televisions because we need midi to be written at multiple start times other than hour 0.

Does anyone have a work around for this bug?
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Wow, this is EXACTLY what I was experiencing when I posted earlier about the MIDI export being incorrect (and not knowing why).

Sure enough, if you simply put in a start time other than 0 and have multiple tempos in the project, the midi export is then exported at one tempo ignoring the tempo/meter map completely. The minute you put your start time to 0 then the midi is exported correctly with multiple tempo changes and follows the tempo/meter map exactly.

That was exactly what was happening with the file I posted earlier. I thought it was removing parts of the export. What was actually happening was the export was simply ignoring the tempo changes so that the midi items ended up 25 measures or so off from the tempo/meter map.

This is truly truly evil and needs to be addressed asap. This bug combined with the SMPTE offset MIDI export bug means Reaper's MIDI export is pretty much totally broken.
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Check the prerelease forum on this one if you want
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You guys are seriously the best!!!
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