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Default TrackFX_NavigatePresets does not work well

TrackFX_NavigatePresets seems to not work very well for some FX.

For these problematic plugins when some preset is loaded and the function is fired for the first time plugin state is changed according to next/previous preset but the preset combobox is not updated to the next/previous preset name (it shows "No preset") and therefore when such an function is fired second time nothing happens.

It does not work with:
* ReaEQ
* ReaComp
* ReaDelay
* NI FM8

It does work with:
* Reasynth <- This was the only one I found

Tested on Reaper 5.40

Simplest possible lua script revealing the issue:

track = reaper.GetSelectedTrack(0,0)
reaper.TrackFX_NavigatePresets(track, 0, 1)
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Thanks, this should be fixed in 5.50rc22+
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