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Default Midi program change message - how do I stop it?

The problem occured in the forum before, but the solutions don't fit here:
EMU Xboard 61 + Novation V-Station VSTi
The X-Board has 16 program-change-patches which I managed to program with common actions like STOP, REC, GO-TO-START and so on, works perfect with all VSTi- except with V-Station. V-Station receives a program-change-signal which I cannot deaktivate. So with V-Station I can only use my mouse, not the controller.
How can I deactivate program cange?
Is there perhaps a way using Midi-filters?
(Yes, I read the manuals, but I didn't find it.)
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Well I don't know of a plugin solution for you off hand. MIDI-Ox could filter them for you but that's pretty complicated. I think the easiest solution would be to see if your keyboard can output Control Change messages instead of PC messages (most MIDI controllers can).
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I had a similar problem (changing sounds on my keyboard also changed virtual instrument sounds) and have found 2 effects that allowed me to filter/block program change messages from midi.

1. The built-in JS effect "Midi Note Filter" allows you to filter out PC messages. It also filters out CC messages, which wasn't what I wanted.

2. The "midiConverter3" plugin (found in this free vst pack: http://thepiz.org/plugins/?p=pizmidi) works well with the following settings:
Input type: Program Change
[.... Other settings set at default ....]
Thru: Block Converted
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