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Default MIDI Export adds extraneous Tempo Marker (FIXED)

This bug occurs in 5.50 Release as well as 5.6 pre1

When exporting MIDI and choosing time selection instead of the entire project, Reaper is exporting an extraneous tempo marker of the previous tempo marker of the time selection.

Steps to reproduce:

1) Insert a tempo marker of 100 bpm at the beginning of your project. In my case I have a negative bar offset but the bug occurs regardless

2) Insert a tempo marker of 119 bpm at a later measure (in my case bar 1)

3) Export a midi file using a time selection starting from the second tempo marker (for example bars 1-20). Make sure to select "Time Selection" when exporting the file.

4) Import the exported MIDI file into another program - in my case I'm using Sekaiju a very useful MIDI utility.

You will see tempo markers at bar 1 for BOTH 100 bpm (the previous tempo marker) and 119 bpm (the actual tempo marker for bar 1).

This is obviously problematic and not desired behavior as having two different tempo markers at the same time and same bar shouldn't actually be possible and will cause problems unless the extraneous marker is deleted. See files below.

Reaper Project:

MIDI File Export:
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I can confirm this midi export bug after downloading and testing this project.
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Fixing, thanks for the report.
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