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Default X32 control

Hi all

I'm aware of Patrick-Gilles Maillot's utilities, but as someone who's not really familiar with Command Line applications, I haven't yet seen an easy-to-follow guide for how to set up the X32 as a control surface for Reaper in MacOS.

Can anyone point me at an Idiot's Guide to doing this please? I don't want anything too complex in terms of control - just the ability to select a fader (or bank) in Reaper, and operate it using the physical desk surface (eg writing volume envelopes to tracks by operating the desk faders)

Many thanks
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Yeah, me too!!
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Originally Posted by bluesking17 View Post
Yeah, me too!!
Have you tried emailing Patrick? He's super friendly and I'm sure if he's not busy with a show he'd be willing to help you get going.

I have an X32 Rack consuming power in my equipment rack but I haven't had much time to work with it yet.

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