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Default Help! XR18 to Reaper?

I cannot get my XR18 to record into Reaper. When I arm a track, I can see the yellow line - it has a signal - but when I hit Record, it only shows tiny bumps on the track, not the usual waveform, and I get nothing on playback.
The specifics: my computer is a MacBook Pro running OSX 10 / el Capitan. The XR18 is controlled by XAIR software, via ethernet. And the connection back to Reaper V 5 is USB from the XR18 to the Mac. I am using the Left Main Out on the XR18 for a monitor; that all works for playing live.
Reaper recognizes the XR18, and gets a signal from it (I assigned the input channel). And I have set both XAIR and Reaper to 48,000. Ideas on how to get it to record and play back?
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So, let's say you have something connected into channel 1 on the XR18 (mic? gtr?) and that channel's input is set to Analog...?

How much of a signal can you see on that channel in the X-Air Edit software? Adjust the channel gain to give an average of -18dB with no more than -15bB peak,

Then, in the USB-connected Reaper, insert and record arm a track with it's input set to XR18 input 1.

Play/sing and you should see a corresponding input signal in that Reaper track's meter that is equivalent to the meter reading in the XR18

Start recording in Reaper and, providing you have set a reasonable gain on the XR18, you should see a waveform appearing on the recorded track. Bear in mind that -18dB is not a huge waveform, but it is significant (not just a 'bump')

To playback, you need to add a "XR18 output 1" hardware output to that Reaper track and set the XR18 channel 1 input to USB in X-Air Edit.

For convenience, on the Reaper side, I have saved a project template of 16 tracks mapped to XR18 inputs 1-16 and outputs 1-16.

On the XR18, if you go to the IN/OUT screen on X-air Edit and select USB Returns, you can globally switch all channels to analog input by clicking the "OFF (ANALOG)" button or to USB input by clicking "CH.1-16"

Hope that helps
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Default Thanks

Thanks for the reply! My main issue was not understanding the switch between Analog and USB modes. Plus, what turned out to be a faulty USB cable was compounding the problem. I can record and hear it now, just have to start experimenting.
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