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Default Incremental backups of storage drives, not system

Is anyone here using an OS X app for incremental cloning of backup drive to backup drive? IOW not of system drive and not of files on the internal onto a backup, but putting a current drive of session backups up with a clone of same drive and have it just update the difference?

Recently did a few revisions on older projects from archived drives and I would love to, in the future, be able to revise the cloned archive and offsite backups after doing the piecemeal Finder dragging updates on only the main active backup drive. I've been scouring a few vendor sites and even on the venerable CarbonCopyCloner site every bit of information about the amazing functions of the software seems (to my now bleary eyes) to involve the system drive. Anyone using it happily (or anything else) to update (non-system) storage archives to the current storage backup?

Thanks : )
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Joe Miller
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Yeah, check out Chronosync https://www.econtechnologies.com/chr.../overview.html

It's built for just this task, keeping your backups up to date by running a comparison scan etc. You create tasks such as Backup of main audio disk to backup1, backup2 etc and run them when you feel like, or on a schedule.

Well worth the purchase!
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