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Default Display change in Envelope values in correct units

When moving a Volume Envelope point to change its value, the display I see is something like:

4.5dB -2% (telling me its current value is 4.5dB, and it's 2% lower than before I moved it)

This is relatively unhelpful. I think it should default to using the same untis for both figures, eg:

4.5dB -0.7dB (ie its current value is 4.5dB, which is 0.7dB below where it started)

This would be much more useful to me for most envelopes. However, for something like Pan, where the base value is expressed in % anyway, then the change should also be given in % (as it is currently, although I think it could be less confusing if it didn't regard a Pan of 100% Left as a -50% change)

Ideal for me would be to show: Current Value / Previous Value / Change (all in the same units)

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