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Default D16 group Repeater plugin no longer showing up in Reaper

i've found that D16 repeater 1.1.3 (VST2.4 plugin) no longer shows up in Reaper (64-bit, windows 8.1) whereas it did before and when i roll back, repeater that doesn't show up either...code recently added in reaper?
i tried opening Repeater in Blue cat's patchwork and it shows up but when i install the plugin, it doesn't even show up when i do a clear cache and rescan.
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Check your paths in reaper and make sure either they havent changed or the D16 stuff hasnt moved.

Edit: Interesting. I dont use it much but just tried to load Syntorus from D16 Group and all I can find for that is the documentation file!
Will have a dig and get back to you....
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I have the Silverline collection, Toraverb2, and Repeater, they're all fine here (64bit Reaper v5.61, Win10, and the latest version of the d16 plugins).

Check the D16 installation path (I put all my VSTs in one place), and also, as Ivan suggested, check your VST paths in Reaper preferences.

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