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Default [5.62] Undo not working on created MIDI items in collapsed track view (FIXED)

Create a few tracks and put them inside a parent track so you get a "folder".

In the track view, click on the arrow to collapse all tracks inside this parent track/folder. Clicking twice will minimize the tracks to thin lines.

Now hold Ctrl and left drag in the thin lines in the arrange view, so that you get a new empty MIDI item in any of the collapsed tracks.

Now hit Ctrl + Z to undo the newly created item - it won't work.

I'm running 5.62 on Windows 7 Ultimate, Intel i7-3770K, 16 GB RAM.
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Confirmed (Win7 / 5.62 / x64).

1) The drawn MIDI item is limited to a very short length.

2) After releasing Control+Mouse keys, the mouse cursor isn't reset and is still shown as a pencil icon.

3) The "Add media item via pencil" action is not in the undo list.

Seems like a low priority bug tho, How many people draw items when tracks are minimized? EDIT Cockos > Simple fix, just ignore item drawing when tracks are minimized, you really cant see the track lanes anyway!
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Yeah, it shouldn't be allowing you to insert the item via ctrl+drag to begin with...
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