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Default MIDI editor: Pasting or duplicating deletes non-overlapping adjacent note (FIXED)

If the note-off of the pasted note falls on exactly the same position as the note-on of another note, that other note gets deleted:

(REAPER v5.62, v5.60 and probably earlier)

(Perhaps related another copy/paste bug: Pasted note extend until the item's end if it overlaps the end of an existing note.)

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I almost posted something like this very report in that thread, because I thought that specific behavior (cfillions) was no longer happening, but some other bad paste behavior was.

I've seen it, as you report, in recent versions. Here is a little variant, and also shows "unexpected" behavior at the first note (swallows the pasted note on. Note is copied after marquee select, then pasted)

A.C.O.N. is on.

edit. event list/properties shows 0.0.000 length on short note

Maybe another thread's subject, or a list of paste problems could be put together?

If A.C.O.N. is off
If Enable Extending... is off
Pasting a note whose note off falls on/after (>=) the item's end will result in endless note, if item is later extended. I show > than end, but maybe = to end would put it more in line with the original post bug.

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