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Default [5.70] PDC Automation problem (FIXED)

There seems to be a bug in the way that automation is working with plugins that induce latency. And also even in plugins that just share a track with a latency-inducing plugin. In this case, automating a filter's wet/dry control creates a clicky sound on the track with the (inactive/dry) latency-inducing plugin (ReaFIR)... but not on the track that has no latency-inducing plugins. Windows 10 64bit

Example project attached (on Windows 10 64bit) The second track is the (dastardly) culprit.
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File Type: rpp PDC automation problem.rpp (7.5 KB, 29 views)
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interesting. I can hear the glitches in the track that has ReaFir
Maybe because the automation change from dry to wet happens faster than the PDC, like in square shape automation as in your example. I can hear it well if I draw an automation curve that slowly goes from dry to wet and so on.
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I have found similar problems with pdc and automation
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Thanks, fixing!
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Thanks, fixing!
Yo Justin-can 1 ask for a new years resolution of trying to post "reaper no longer has ANY bugs-they are ALL fixed now-please go about your business as there's nothing to see here".
I would pay again to read that.
Please+thanking you+team..appreciated greatly.,all the best.
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