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Default MIDI notes VERTICAL scaling is all wrong in Arrange View (FIXED)

when i am working with midi in Reaper i often notice there is something off with the way Reaper displayes recorded notes in main arrange view
only recently i could pin point the weird feeling i had all the time in the back of my mind

the midi notes (individual note rectangles) are not VERTICALLY scaled correctly in the arrange view
some notes show as if positioned vertically higher or lower than what the actual midi data shows in midi editor

thus the note intervals (pitch intervals) all show up wrong in the ARRANGE VIEW

its a VERTICAL SCALING bug that is not happening in any other DAW in the world (tested with ProtTools and Logic) - please see attached ZIP with pictures (too big to upload unzipped)

the developers decided to "estimate" or "round up" the VERTICAL position of notes in arrange view rather than place them exactly by PITCH as they mathematically scale in 1:1 ratio

see the sreenshots to compare how SAME MIDI file looks in Logic, ProTools, Reaper ARRANGE view

in any other DAW the notes display in ARRANGE VIEW exactly same as in MIDI EDITOR - the view is scaled UNIFORMLY 1:1 and thus intervals and pitch intervals "look" same in MIDI editor as well as ARRANGE VIEW - simple right ? no brainer for modern DAW...

in Reaper the vertical alignment of individula notes jump up a notch or down a notch as if rounding to nearest 10 pixels vertically or something...

totally pointless in modern DAW and utterly confusing when you navigate in performance


is there a way to maybe increase the accuracy/resolution of the vertical scaling in some INI file

this is such a CORE DAW functionality and its completely off by a mile in Reaper...

i spent 2 hours trying to fix it and its a CORE ISSUE in the arrange display scaling engine...

no amount of zooming in or out will fix it or make it better - seems to be design flaw in the vertical scaling algorithm

[Preferences / Appearance / Peaks/Waveforms / "Automatically scale midi notes to fit"] this option although it affects it marginally it doesnt fix it... once you record midi data that spans more than 2 or 3 octaves the BUGGED SCALING kicks in and all is messy again irrelevant if this options is OFF or ON

preview bellow and more exmaples in the ZIP

PROTOOLS ARRANGE VIEW - SAME .MID file exported from Reaper (fullscreen shots in ZIP)

LOGIC ARRANGE VIEW - SAME .MID file exported from Reaper (fullscreen shots in ZIP)
Attached Images
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File Type: jpg logic arrange.jpg (13.7 KB, 234 views)
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File Type: zip more examples and other DAWs_highres.zip (355.2 KB, 17 views)

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What OS are you running?
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Originally Posted by Allspice View Post
What OS are you running?
tested just now on Windows 7 and OSX
Reaper 5.70 and 5.40 respectively


if you have "Automatically scale midi notes to fit" ENABLED in Prefs the faulty scaling mechanism doesnt kick in until you start adding notes 2 or 3 octaves apart - than the faulty scaling kicks in to accomodate the vertical span of the midi notes and it stops to be nice and uniform scale 1:1 and goes ugly like on the pictures - needles to say this doesnt happen on Logic or ProTools however wide the pitches go in the MIDI item (tested extensively) - those other DAWs scale the notes uniformly 1:1

if you have "Automatically scale midi notes to fit" DISABLED in Prefs (like me) than the ugly scaling algorithm opeartes all the time and you can replicate the look very easily - just create empty midi item and draw ANY chord and DUPLICATE it up and down the scale and watch how it chnages shape in the arrange view

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Confirmed (5.70 x64).
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Confirmed here. 5.70, 64 bit, Windows 10.
Originally Posted by Sexan View Post
Make a thread "F%#! you Reaper! I quit!" to get more views and feedback since these kind of threads get much more traction
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