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Default Deleting changed clef does not work (FIXED)

Reaper 5.76 32-bit on Windows XP Home SP3
Steps to reproduce:
1. For any item in any track with any notes, select and Item, Open items in Editor, Open items in built-in MIDI Editor,
display Musical notation view (Alt+4).
2. In Musical notation view:
click a measure bar, Change the clef. The new clef appears correctly in the notation.
3. Next try to delete it (click the clef, Change clef, Delete),
(per manual, chapter 14.7, p. 277: To delete such a clef, right click and choose Delete from the change clef menu.).
This simply does not work - nothing happens...
The only way to delete the clef is to undo.
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Yes, seems like a bug for me as well.

As a workaround, to remove it later without undo, you can delete it in the "Event list" view.
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Fixing, thanks for the report.
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