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Default MIDI editor: "Add next/previous note to selection" skips notes or get stuck (FIXED)

Originally Posted by Commala View Post
When using actions to add previous/next note to selection, there are situations where notes are missed or impossible to select, and the note selection becomes stuck.

This issue happens frequently, two instances in this gif

Here, I repeatedly hit my shortcut for add next note to selection, then I do the same for previous notes. You can see the missed notes, as well as where the selection becomes stuck (it won't select first chord in the image at all, even though I'm hitting the shortcut). I move the cursor to select the first chord, and then add next note to selection, but notes are still not selected.

I feel this is pretty important, because it makes keyboard navigation much less reliable
Still happening in v5.81pre. Here is a GIF that shows the raw MIDI data:

(The actions runs once, but then gets stuck, apparently after selecting a *previous* note in the raw MIDI stream..)

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