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Default Maschine through MIDI-OX for 9 Momentary Channel-Switch Layers

I'm uploading this per request, but anyone is free to use it.

What is it?
Basically I've mimicked Maschine's native workflow in MIDI-controller mode and thus given myself 9 "layers" or "banks" of possible CC-triggered Reaper actions from the controller. Holding one of the center row of buttons or a "CTRL" button momentarily switches the MIDI output channel and converts the pad notes to CC messages.

What you need:

1. Download and install LoopMIDI*
2. Download and install MIDI-Ox*
3. Download My Config Files and unzip them somewhere smart (a folder you can easily find and you're unlikely to move or rename later)

* These programs will always need to be running for the Maschine setup to work. In Windows, you can add a MIDI-Ox shortcut to the start menu "startup" folder, since it has no internal option to run at startup.


1. Native Instruments Controller Editor: Open the Controller Editor, which should have been installed with Maschine. Save your config if you want to preserve it, as we'll be making some changes. Now you will assign the buttons you want to use as Momentary switches (I use the center row (from SCENE to MUTE) as well as NOTE REPEAT for "CTRL;" you can use whichever buttons are most convenient for this). Set them up as Program Change Gates on Ch 1 with the on value being the unique Program Change # and the off value being 0, like this:

Make a note of these Program Change On values and which buttons you assigned them to, then save this new config under a new filename.

2. Create a LoopMIDI Virtual Port: Once installed, LoopMIDI should be running in your taskbar. Right click its icon and ensure that "start minimized and "auto-start loopmidi" options are checked. Then double click to open it. Create a new port by typing "Maschine (MIDI-Ox)" into new-port name and then clicking the + button to create it:

3. MIDI-Ox: Open MIDI-Ox and click this button: . The numbers in the left column need to match the numbers you chose as unique Program Change #'s. So just find the same slot number, click "Assign" and navigate to the folder you saved the Patches to in "What you need," step 3, and load the appropriate patch. Rinse and repeat. And make sure you check the "Turn on Map" checkbox!

Essentially, whenever MIDI-Ox sees a Program Change #, it loads the patch in that same numbered slot.

: The Default map needs to be in slot 0, since that what we used as the off value for each Program Change (so it can return to the default setup when depressed)!

Click this button: and de-select any the ports that are highlighted. Enable only the native Maschine port as input and your virtual LoopMIDI port as output. If you click this button: , it should look like this:

4. Reaper:
Open Reaper, open preferences and navigate to MIDI Controllers. Ensure that ALL Maschine ports are disabled in Outputs and that only the virtual Maschine (MIDI-Ox) port is enabled in Inputs (Enabled+Control).

At this point you should be good to go! Note that MIDI Ox will always need to be started after Maschine is connected or its ports will not be detected (just close and re-open MIDI-OX in this case). If everything is working correctly you should be able to open the output window in MIDI-Ox: and see data like this when you press your new momentary buttons on Maschine:

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Thx again, as soon as I have the opportunity I will try this and see how it works with Maschine mk3.
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