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Default Extension API: Validation for custom pointer types

Currently, custom pointer types in extension-defined API functions are not validated by REAPER before being called nor with ValidatePtr.

For example: BR_EnvFree expects a BR_Envelope* but no explicit error is thrown if it receives anything else (unlike built-in REAPER types, which are checked).

reaper.BR_EnvFree(reaper.GetMasterTrack(), false)
--> 'reaper.BR_EnvFree' argument 1: expected BR_Envelope*

reaper.ValidatePtr(reaper.GetMasterTrack(), 'BR_Envelope*')
--> false
Possible implementation on the extension side:
typedef struct
  const char *name;
  bool (*Validate)(void *ptr); 
} custom_type_register_t;

custom_type_register_t br_env{"BR_Envelope*", &ValidateSWSPtr<BR_Envelope>};
plugin_register("custom_type", (void *)&br_env);
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It should also allow HWND and FastStrings as well, as they are used in SWS/Reaper.
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Hmm, if an extension defines the type and all functions that implement that type, the extension should handle validation of any pointers of that type itself...

Though I guess we could add the ability to throw an error to Lua...
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