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Default v5.93 - July 17 2018

v5.93 - July 17 2018 - Impeach already

+ Automation items: separate settings to snap automation items to media items, or other automation items
+ Envelopes: permit converting envelope segment to bezier curve even if default envelope point shape is square [t=208290]
+ FX: prevent reset from audio thread when bringing an offline FX online
+ FX: fix potential hang when moving tracks with certain JSFX to subproject [t=207996]
+ FX: fix .aupreset export issue [t=203533]
+ Linux: experimental linux native builds now available
+ MIDI editor: support snapping to measure regardless of time signature
+ MIDI editor: update custom CC names in editor dropdown when changing active track [t=208759]
+ Mousewheel: support Windows (Control on macOS) key as modifier [t=177917]
+ Notation: properly adjust events when inserting notation messages in media items with nonzero start offset [t=208079]
+ Notation: fix invalid access when removing text events
+ Project settings: add option for default state of item 'Preserve pitch when changing rate' [p=1965998]
+ Project settings: add option to base ruler markings off project measure offset [t=208074]
+ Project settings: add option to override global preference for copy-media-on-import
+ Undo: optimize undo state loading when items have been reordered or deleted
+ VLC: support VLC 2.1,2.2, and 3.0, except on 32-bit macOS (which still supports 2.0-2.2)
+ VLC: support loading from VLC or VLC.app in path relative to REAPER
+ VLC: also look for /Applications/VLC2/32/64.app on macOS
+ Video: add 9:16 resolution and more framerates to encoding presets

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Amazing. Excited about Linux support!
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Default reaper wants a.....

chord track like cubase and logic and s1 and......
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Updated my list of Reaper names.
The thread
The post related to this version
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