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Default MPL WiredChain: per-track FX routing

WiredChain is a lua script for REAPER.
It provides configuring FX routing with dropping wires instead digging FX IO pin menus.

This is 4th prototype, hope this attempt is better then previous. You probably saw TrackFX Routing by eugen + mods by kawa and DarkStar, it does the job perfectly, but it still pin-based which can be strange for beginner after wired software like FrutyLoops Patcher, MUX modular etc. So my point is to make interface, which let user connect FX without touching pins, with auto-build routing, in some cases preventing known limitations of Reaper routing inside single track FX chain or workaround them if possible.

Features (will be updated from time to time):
  • drag/drop wires to connect FX
  • allow to reset/clear all pins or pins of FX under mouse cursor
  • when route source FX to previous in chain, auto move destination FX
  • dockable

Any doable suggestions are welcome.
For this project it is highly recommended to attach gif and description about what happens and what you are expecting. Because I see most of users feel script do something wrong, while it is just handle REAPER routing as it is. So it mostly not a bug, but a desired behaviour which should be workarounded on data or GUI level.

Download/Install: ReaPack, search Action List for mpl_WiredChain (background).lua
  • REAPER 5.95pre3+
  • SWS 2.9.7+
  • ReaPack 1.2.1+
  • if you install package manually OR you have [Action List/ReaPack: Manage repositories/Options/Install new packages] unchecked, you must also pick for install MPL_Scripts/Functions/Various_functions.lua. It is a must have file to have WiredChain working

Telegram channel for MPL scripts: t.me/mplscripts_chat
JSFX/Reascript thread
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Pretty nice! Some suggestions:

1. Have inputs and outputs on the FX boxes in different colors
2. Position the FX boxes on a grid (snap to it), holding Shift bypasses snapping to grid while dragging the boxes
3. This is probably really complicated, but having bent cables so that they don't go under any boxes would be really cool (like in FL Patcher)
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I frequently draw diagrams like this when I am developing a complex FX chain, and this will make it so much easier to translate the drawing into the real thing.
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fantastic, MPL, thank you!
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