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Default Idea for a straight forward Audio2MIDI Drumtrigger WF

Hi All.

i would like to discuss a workflow about Audio2MIDI Drumtriggering.
it's inspired and kind of based on Eugen's Drumtrigger checked into ReaPack by MPL.

it's also heavily inspired by Photoshops Magic Wand Tool.

01. User/manually: highlight/select audio item
02. User/manually/visually by mouse: click on a given transients' (highest) peak/pitch, which shall be converted to midi e.g. kick
03. Algorithm: find similar points (similar in terms of toleranced pitch value and frequency notch), ask for MIDI channel number to be used/36
04. Algorithm: create empty midi file in new track
05. Algorithm: create MIDI notes items out of these with the according velocity and place them accordingly on the timeline in ch 36

So far so good ...what do you think about it? Do you like it?
Any chance to get that done somehow? Via Script (eel?!) or JS/JSFx
Maybe MPL? Eugen? DongleHater? Anybody else? JamesHE?

Thankful for every given answer.
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