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Default [5.971/x64] Notation - exported PDF shows headless notes with percussion clef (FIXED)


Reaper v5.971 x64
Win 10 Pro 64bit

New Reaper project (4/4, 120bpm) with 1 MIDI track

  1. Create a 1-bar-long MIDI region; open it in the MIDI editor
  2. Enter a few notes (I filled the bar with 16 16ths, all on pitch C4)
  3. Switch to Notation editor and change the "Default Clef" to "Percussion"
  4. Choose File > Notation: Export (PDF, MusicXML)..., give it a name and save.
  5. Bug: Open the PDF file - the note heads are missing.

Hope this helps
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Fixing, thanks for the report.
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