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Default Problem with tempo-changes in 5.9.72

Hi, there seems to be a problem with tempo-changes in the latest reaper. I imported a 8-bar drum-loop. Between bar 4 and bar 5 I inserted 2 tempo-change-markers, in order to create a ritardando from 110 BPM to 80 BPM. The click in reaper changes properly, but from the very beginning, the file gets slower after having added the tempo-change-markers. The tempo-change only should affect from the point, where the first marker has been added, without influencing the first three bars. Additionally it doesn't arrive at 80 BPM it is somewhere between 110 and 80 BPM. The click in reaper is at 110 till bar 4 and then does the ritardando to 80 in bar 5. But the loop is completely out of sync. The tempo-change should affect on the file, but that doesn't happen. Time-base is set to beats/position, length rate.
Tempo-matching also doesn't work as expected. I inserted a 110-bpm-file in a 120-bpm-project and selected tempo-match in the media-explorer. The resulting tempo of the file is too high at about 130 BPM, while the metronome is clicking properly at 120 BPM. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, or it is a bug. I would be very glad for any helpful tip or resolving this problem in a future release.
Thanks a lot.

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