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Default Delete Reaper Backups Utility for Windows

I have come up with a command line exe that will keep X number of the most recent *.rpp-bak files in subdirectories and delete the rest.

The C# source code is here for anyone who wants to make suggestions or improve it.

IT IS POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS and I would like to see if anyone wants to test it. I have only tested it locally. If you run "Delete_Rpp_Bak 0" all *.rpp-bak files will be deleted. This code is designed to ONLY delete *.rpp-bak and NO OTHER FILETYPES.

Usage: Delete_Rpp_Bak 5
will keep the latest 5 *.rpp-bak files in every directory below it and delete the rest of the *.rpp-bak files.

Please proceed with extreme caution as deleting things can go wrong.

Download the zip file with Delete_Rpp_Bak.exe here

Also, if Reaper devs don't want this utility to be available I'm happy to kill it off. Thanks in advance.

I imagine you could keep this in your top level Reaper project dir and run a batch file on startup with "pathto\Delete_Rpp_Bak 20" or whatever number you want to keep and have a nice clean bunch of backups of your most recent work at all times.

Thanks guys and let me know if it's any use to you.
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a utility could definitly be build in a cross platform script format like python though, it would be more portable

Another attempt: https://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=180661
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Needs... "About to delete ~n .rpp-bak files, continue? (y/n)". I didn't see much wrong otherwise. I suppose you could get fancy and a /silent switch to bypass the safety check via command line.
If it requires a null test to find it, it is by definition minuscule.
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