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Default [FR] Smart Routing Matrix

I wish to work faster using Routing Matrix... so far it's good for what it dose, but It could be so much better with minor tweak.

I wish to see a function like "smart auto increments".
It is something like excel auto-increment when you select two cells with one of them having value of 1 and another of 2 it and if you drag down it will automatically understand that you want it to be 1, 2, 3, 4 ...

Here is an example:

I have Bass, Percussion, Strings, Woodwinds, Brass and Keys tracks that send midi to Kontakt, but they don't send audio.

So in ideal world... all I had to do is to send Bass with parameters [no audio] and Midi send -> 1
Send Percussion with identical parameters but only with Midi send -> 2
and then, select these cells and drag down....

in Matrix it will create identical "profiles" but with auto increasing the parameter that was increased, in our case Midi channel.


Here is another example but now with outputs

In this example Bass would receive Audio: 1/2
Percussion would receive: 3/4
Brass 9/10 (you can see from the example)
Keys 11/12

and none of them would receive Midi

So it's basically looking for identical parameters that got increased/decreased and by dragging the cells it will do the function of automatically increasing/decreased this parameter.

But for that to happen we first have to be able to select at least two "profiles" aka cells... and based on them make increments.

Of course we can go even further by making "step increments"

Let's say one cell is Post-Fader and the next one is Pre-Fx and in the first one Audio:1/2->1/2 and in the second one Audio: 3/4 -> 1/2
so the way it would work if select these cells drag them down
1. Post-Fader 1/2 -> 1/2
2. Pre-Fx 3/4 -> 1/2
3. Post-Fader 5/6 -> 1/2
4. Pre-Fx 7/8 -> 1/2
5. Post-Fader 9/10 -> 1/2
6. Pre-Fx 11/12 -> 1/2

so from that example we see, parameters that dose not match would be repeated and parameters that has increments (midi channels and audio channels) would follow the pattern.

Now what's the application?

This would comes in handy if you are building new template and have repetitive channel assignments.

examples shown are fictional, my real template has more then 200 tracks already... and every time I add new orchestral section, I have to manually change channels.

yes, it's only a one time thing... but wouldn't it be nice if that thing was very fast and pleasant to do?

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up! for smartness
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Hi inarisound,

I get the same problem, but can't find any elegant solution actually in reaper.

In routing matrix it could be very usefull to have a stuff like this:

1- configure the first send (audio and /or MIDI)
2- ctrl+maj+ drag down auto-increment 1st send value
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+1 to this
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