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Default envelope lane undo issue + FX window issue

Couple of problems I've been noticing recently, sorry if they've already been reported, or aren't bugs:

Envelope/Undo issue:

I have a lot of envelope lanes visible for a track, and I am editing on one of them (say 5 down).
If I then hit the undo button, it does undo, but it also snaps/scrolls me straight up (or sometimes down), so the lane I'm working on is no longer in my view, I will instead just see the track and the top couple of lanes etc. I then have to scroll down and find the envelope I was working on.

FX Window issue (a bit more vague sorry):

If I have a plugin open, (not embedded), and I can see the usual FX list window open behind it...
I cant get back to having the FX list window on top, because when I click on it, it disappears from view along with the plugin window itself. So I can't do things like add/replace FX anymore.

I do eventually get the FX box again, after I've messed around with minimising Reaper (or something like that).

It only happens with say 50% of the plugins I'm using recently, but admittedly I have been trying to find which plugins do it, for the sake of accuracy in this report, and truth be told I've been struggling to reproduce the error, even though it's already happened loads of times this morning and the last few days.

Thought these were worth mentioning, especially the first one which is really disrupting work flow.

Hope this is useful. Thanks
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The envelope/undo issue, fixing.

FX issue: can you make a .gif of what you're seeing? e.g. using https://www.cockos.com/licecap ? Thanks!
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