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Human being with feelings
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Default Weird loss of project settings - may be ARA/Melodyne related

Hi all,

Sorry if this post won't be very clear as I'm confronted to a weird issue that I can't reproduce at will.

All is fine while working with Reaper, call it a day, save, quit and "goto bed execute" as they say at SSL.

But sometimes, when reopening the project file, a warning appears saying :

There were 4 items in the project that were not understood. If this project was created in a newer version of REAPER, this version may not preserve all of the settings of the project.

Project tokens not recognized:


While another window shows that ARA recalculations are being made. But then, all Melodyne corrections are lost, just as if the plugin was newly opened. and there's a warning message in Melodyne saying that a problem was encountered and suggesting to contact the developers.

The only solution is to quit and find the most recent backup file not having this problem. Fortunately, the backup is often easy to find as the project files that trigger this problem usually have a smaller filesize than the "normal" project files.

So, each time I save I keep an eye on the filesize, but that doesn't prevent this strange behaviour.

Config is latest Reaper (5.978) for Mac (High Sierra) / Melodyne Studio 4.2.1

I've had this on several projects recently, all having in common using Melodyne on more than one track. But it seems somehow linked to normally saving a project, as there is no crash or other issue that could lead to think that the saved project file is corrupted. All looks fine but some project files won't reopen correctly for no reason I could guess.

Any idea welcome :-)

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Peter Richan
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Not quite replying to your issue, but installing 5.978 kills SWS, and all things associated. Installing SWS 2.xx then makes Reaper open as 9.76, and all aspects work correctly again. Kinda like last year's phone - works great, I'll stick with it.
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