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Default video problems

first thought this was a linux problem but just found otherwise. symptom is that imported video plays audio track fine but video remains frozen on the first frame. tried with a variety of files and found same behavior. this was all in linux.

moved to a w10 system and found same behavior, which surprised me. that prompted me to try with older reaper versions, which yielded interesting results:

4.74pre7/64 = dv/avi played ok, mjpg/mov played ok, proreshq/mov ng
5.01 = dv/avi played ok, mjpg/mov played ok, proreshq/mov played ok
5.12 = none played
5.21 = none played
5.40 = none played
5.70 = none played EXCEPT an excerpted dv(dvc)/avi file which was fine (not in linux, though)

i'm trying to attach the mediainfo data on each of the four files in case it's of any use.

anyone have any ideas on this? i really need to be able to run video in reaper and am starting to build up a backlog. pretty much entirely working in linux now.

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File Type: txt Whitewood-1_excerpt_MediaInfo.txt (2.7 KB, 11 views)
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may have something of a solution on this. seems wrong but saving, closing reaper, and reopening reaper allows ALL of the formats to play properly.

i tested something like 17 different formats of video files and they all played fine but not until i saved, closed, reopened reaper. i had been testing with a new project and simply adding a video file to a new track. when it wouldn't play, i'd try a different one. took a long time before i realized that i needed to actually save, close, reopen to get things to work.

this seems to be a problem to me, though, as i doubt anyone would want to have to close and reopen their project just to add a new video item.

anyway, thanks,
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