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Default Reascript API: Wait until MainOnCommand Action finishes before continuing script

Having an issue with one of my scripts and I believe it is because the script is continuing before a subproject render action is completed. It seems like an asynchronous code issue, because it will only happen sometimes and occurs more often on a faster computer/clean install of Reaper.

I would love to have a way to call an action, but check that it has finished before continuing in the script, so I could remove erratic behavior from my script.
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I had a similar issue when trying to read a render queue file which was just saved previously via API.
I think the saving also happens asynchronously, so sometimes it got 'missed' reading it back.
What I did was continously check in a loop if the file actually exists and only then continue the script.
Not sure if such a way is applicable in your situation.

Anyway I think some sort of notify /waiting mechanism as you suggest would be helpful in such cases indeed.
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I had numerous usecases over time who would have benefitted massively from that.
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If a true "wait" command is impractical, a simple workaround might be for Reaper to store a name and timestamp somewhere whenever it completes i.e. a render operation, so scripts can poll that file to see when the command is finished.
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+1 from me
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I ran into a case where I really need this.
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yes please
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