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Andy F
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Default Melodyne does not scale in Reaper 6 on HiDPI screens

I own a 15,3" Toshiba Laptop it has a 4k display. If I open Melodyne in Reaper 6 the plugins GUI does not scale! If I run the Melodyne standalone application, it scales correct, also in all other DAWs I am using (Ableton Live 9, Bitwig Studio 3.03) and also inside NI Maschine. In Reaper it is just not usable in such a constellation.

Screenshot: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AjgGhHvp8bcPlOgE...Jm2ug?e=pQq0lj
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Yup... I've bought this up a few times...and before someone says 'that's the plugins fault, not Reapers' - normally I'd agree, but I've tested melodyne in 4k standalone and with three DAW's, and Reaper is the only in which it doesn't scale properly.

If we could run VST3 plugins as a seperate process this would go some way to fixing the issue, but to be honest I'd rather it just scaled properly via ARA anyway.

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