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Default REAPER pre-release builds

The latest pre-release build can usually be found here.

Added for emphasis: Prerelease software should be expected to have bugs. The purpose of a public alpha/beta/RC process is to help identify bugs in a real-world context. Prerelease builds will contain experiments, tests, and lots of new code. If you come across a bug, please report it along with a recipe to reproduce.

Please post any comments and especially bug reports about pre-release builds in this forum. It's best to keep discussion of features and bugs in the main forums, and on outside forums, limited to the current release build, and talk about the new stuff here.

Pre-release and especially builds marked "alpha" or "test" can have unexpected behavior! In the worst case, projects saved with a prerelease build may not preserve all settings when opened in a non-prerelease build.

You can install the prerelease just like a regular release, overwriting the release version, or you may prefer to install to a separate location on disk, or even do a portable installation.

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As a followup, here are some thoughts on on preferred etiquette for posting in the prerelease threads:

Feature requests: please do not post general feature requests in the pre-release forum. If you have a suggestion DIRECTLY related to the behavior and/or scope of a new feature of the build in question, it is generally polite to post and discuss there.

Bug reports: please test against the last public release to make sure the bug represents a regression from the public release! If the public release is affected by this bug, post in the bug reports forum (or reply to the relevant thread if you find it). Regressions from previous pre-releases are also helpful. Please include in the post any information on the versions you tested (so we can narrow down when the issue was created).

Taking the effort to test the previous public release (and possibly pre-releases) is immensely helpful for us and will improve our throughput.
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