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Default Notation editor default toolbar!

It would be really nice to have a default notation editor toolbar. We have separate toolbars for piano roll and for event list, but notation editor is different enough that it should warrant having its own default toolbar. Using up a floating toolbar is of course possible, but why waste a toolbar on this when we could get a default one that would automatically switch when we change MIDI editor mode?

In case we do the above (use up a toolbar and make a custom action to switch to notation mode AND change toolbar, then make custom action variants for piano roll/named notes mode AND switch back to main piano roll view), then when assigning those custom actions to toolbars doesn't actually retain the pressed state of the mode you're currently in, like the regular actions are doing. Can something be done about this?

Here's the situation. If I use the custom action set of ME mode changes (on the left), they don't show the state of the ME mode we're in. The native actions of course do. The only missing link here is notation mode having its own toolbar because we could have notation-specific actions up there, rather than share some unnecessary stuff with main piano roll toolbar (like quantize/humanize, MIDI CC shapes, etc.)

A mini-suggestion here would be if any of these actions were used in a custom action:

Mode: Drum Map (40043)
Mode: Event List (40056)
Mode: Notation (40954)
Mode: Piano Roll (40042)

then the toggle state should also be inherited by the toolbar button to which that custom action is assigned!
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Yes, please!
All MIDI editor modes deserve their own toolbar.

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