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Default "not smooth workflow" - tiny mouse moves on item edges aren't moving the edit cursor

[preamble moved to end]

in arrange, i expect almost every click to move my edit cursor.
however, when clicking item edges, you have to make sure that your mouse is perfectly still before actually hitting the button - otherwise your click is ignored and your cursor doesn't move.

note that the same type of tiny-click-drag results in a moved edit cursor when clicking empty space (not shown in this gif, but easy enough to duplicate).

expected behavior - edit cursor is moved on mouse-up after tiny movement IF edge is not moved. if edge IS moved, edit cursor should stay where it was before edge was moved.

here's another "tiny mouse movements doing stuff i don't like" issue. these are important because they contribute to nebulous claims of "such and such daw is so SMOOTH." fixes made of this type have been extremely helpful elsewhere (midi editor, tcp, etc). once implemented, this is the type of thing nobody would ever notice -- but would just expect subconsciously based on their mouse experience in other programs.

i write this in nitpicks, but in my opinion, stuff like this is as critical as many actual bugs.
° using REAPER as host/arranger/sequencer to write instrumental beat music.
° striving for a loop-based, controller-centric midi recording/editing workflow.
° colored tracks/items: optionally respect "selected track/item" theme color

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Default Media Edge tiny click

I am having the same issue; and its very irritating' whenever I move my mouse near an edge I get either the fade tool or the re-size item tool and all I want is to selct a tiny edit area! (I am coming from an old version of ProTools where the mouse goes and does what I tell it to do!). Have you found a mod or fix yet?

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Check the latest pre-release.
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