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Default Resizing track in TCP unusual behaviour (FIXED)

Hello good people. First time posting.
Yesterday I think I found bug in latest Reaper (v6.03). I opened new project, master track was shown in TCP, inserted new track and try to set its size with mouse. Soon after master track was start resizing too although it wasn't selected. To get things even worse, any new track will get big size too. Sometimes wiggling (dragging up/down in same mouse press) 1st or master track with mouse will resize all other tracks (I think that happened near end in the video at 5:30).
Default new track size in preferences was set to custom but it ignores that.
If several tracks are added and then resized with mouse - its normal.

I tried in portable Reaper 5 and everything was normal.
I installed v6.03 as portable and without any other tweaks, everything at default, bug is still there. So I made video demonstration with that portable version. I didn't make annotations so you have to watch closely.

Video demonstration:

To reproduce:
-create new project (no saving necessary),
-choose to show master track in TCP (more apparent that way),
-double click empty tcp track area to insert new track,
-select it if its not selected (it should be),
-resize with mouse that track a bit 2-3 times and
-it should resize master track too.
-Add new tracks, and they shouldn't obey preferences setting but use size you just made when you resized tracks in that new project.

Im using Windows btw.

Behavior I expect: resizing track with mouse shouldn't affect size of any other unselected track and it shouldn't affect size of newly inserted tracks.

Maybe it has to do something with outside Reaper so here are my specs:
win10 1909 x64 Home (OS build 18363.628)
i7 6700
gpu intel hd 530 (integrated)
16 gb ddr4
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Human being with feelings
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Reaper v6.04 no change
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Human being with feelings
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I generally don't keep the Master track visible so never noticed that, but ya its buggy.
Tested on Win10 x64 with REAPER v6.04, and also a clean portable install of v5.99, so its not a new bug.
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Ah, duplicated yes. Fixing (maybe).
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Human being with feelings
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Reaper v6.05 I think its solved. Thank you very much!
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