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Default Possible FR: Routing options for "Preview Source Media"

I noticed today that using the little play button on Project Media/FX Bay to preview source media bypasses EVERYTHING.

It bypasses the channel fader (unless the "Preview through current channel" is selected) it bypasses the monitoring volume at the master track, it bypasses master fader...

Basically it goes directly to hardware output and that's not very good when you have studio monitors hooked up to your audio interface: IT'S LOUD!

And there seems to be no way to tell it what hardware output to even use... which is a bit of a problem.

So I tried to figure out is there any settings so one can make it behave, but it doesn't seem so.

I'm still on 5.965 (planning to upgrade soonish) and I was wondering if this is still the case and I'd need to make an FR from this or not?

I mean it would be nice if it used the monitoring settings or at least I could say what HW output it goes out of... but maybe I'm just stupid and bad at google....

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