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Default Fade curves reset when dragging item over item

Manually edited fade curves on audio items reset when dragging one item over another while auto crossfades enabled:

Steps to reproduce:
- Enable auto crossfade (no problems with auto crossfade disabled)
- Insert audio item (no problems with Midi - probably because crossfades don't apply)
- Make a fade and edit its curve steepness with mouse modifier (no problems if choosing shape from dropdown)
- drag to copy item or move one item over another if there are multiple items. If the shape has been manually edited it will reset to the last chosen shape from the shapes menu (no problems when items don't overlap, for example when moving through an empty track below the other item)

Please fix this, I would be eternally grateful.

Also connected to this I believe is the fact that one can select multiple items and chose a fade shape for all but one can not edit the shape of one via mouse and have the shape edited on all. Imagine having created a fade out on a drum and copied it through the whole arrangement. Now you notice that you would like a slightly different curve so you have to edit each item, or delete all items, edit one and again copy it through the whole arrangement. Very time consuming. It might count more as FR but I believe it can be added together with fixing this bug.

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this one is serious. i've tangled with this before, and i have actually released material where this bug is audible to me after the fact.

reported in 2017 - https://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=187251
and in 2019 - https://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=225213
and now in 2020

interestingly, i'm not able to reproduce it now, in the way that you did above and that i did in previous reports. it's still there, but i feel like we're missing some key part of it that causes it to rear its head.
my scripts: edit MIDI content with REs in main screen, referencing last-received MIDI messages
why can't REAPER record basic automation shapes without adding unperformed content?
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Human being with feelings
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Posts: 2,278

Strange.. for me it has always behaved in this exact way with auto crossfades enabled.
In what circumstances are you able to trigger it now?
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