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Default FR: option to override explorer rate control on import

just upgraded to v6.17 to get access to the rate control in the media explorer. finding that, if i have the rate set to other than 1.0, that altered rate is applied to the clip i import to my timeline. i've not found a way to override this. if it exists, please let me know. if not, that's my FR: override media explorer rate control on import to timeline.

i do a lot of editing that uses long source recordings, things like lectures, long narration recordings, public domain feature or educational films. i often want to search these recordings for usable clips and do so at high speed, like rates of 2.0 or so. i don't, however, want to import at that rate. i just want to make previewing faster. once i find what i'm looking for, i want to import at normal speed. it would save a lot of trouble to be able to set a preference to use the rate control as 'previewing only.' (a modifier would be another way to do it but i think i like the preference better.) without that, all i can think of is:

find clip
reset rate to 1.0
reset rate to 2.0
continue previewing

would be very helpful to be able to just leave it at 2.0 and import.

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