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Default Repeatable crash in Menu Editor on Mac (Reaper 6.23/OSX64) (FIXED)

I am getting an easily reproducible crash. I can work around this but I thought I'd share it in case it's easy to fix and/or might save others some pain.

Workaround: don't use the Menu Editor.

My environment:
Mac OS X Mojave 10.14.6
Reaper 6.23/OSX64
Audio device: it doesn't seem to matter; it happens with any audio device - or even with "<none>" selected for audio device
Theme: it doesn't seem to matter; it happens with the Default or any other theme that I've tried.

I discovered this issue with the steps at the bottom of this post but later found that some of those steps were unnecessary to repro; so I'm providing two scenarios: the simplest sequence and my original sequence of steps:


1. Start with a new project (probably not necessary but don't risk losing something in your work).

2. Menu -> Actions -> Show Action List (?)

3. Click the "Menu editor..." button

4. The pulldown in the upper-left should be on "Main file (&File)" - if not, change it to "Main file (&File)" then quit Reaper and restart from step "1." above.

5. Change the pulldown to almost anything else - but "Main edit (&Edit)" is very reproducible for me.


6. If it didn't crash, try picking picking again from the pulldown list. Or restart Repear and try again. I can get the crash about 80% of the time on the first go but nearly 100% of the time within 2-3 tries.

My Original Steps to the crash; however, I think the steps involving the importing of tracks and grouping/selection is not necessary to repeat the crash:

1. Start new project

2. Import (drag/drop from Mac Finder) two or more audio tracks as separate tracks

3. Select two (or more) items and create a group
You can do this either with "G" or using the menu: Menu -> Items -> Group

4. De-select group

5. Re-select one item from group (** see below)

6. Menu -> Actions -> Show Action List (?)

7. Click the "Menu editor..." button

8. Change the pulldown to almost anything else - but I used "Main actions (&Actions)"


** Note: if it doesn’t crash then repeat from this step with a different track selected
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Can you post a crash report log? You should be able to get them by running Console.app, going to "User Reports" and finding the REAPER crash with the current date/time...
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